Thoughtful design in a complex world

The Connected Everyday Lab researches how to facilitate thoughtful design in a complex world where people, objects and technology are increasingly connected. The group explores the social opportunities, systemic impact and ethical implications of emerging technological paradigms such as the Internet of Things, social robotics and smart materials by means of probing design interventions in the real world.

The Connected Everyday Lab is an interdisciplinary research group at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering (IDE), Delft University of Technology. The group is part of the ID-StudioLab design research community, and actively collaborates with other research groups across the departments of Industrial Design, Design Engineering, and Product Innovation and Management.



“Resourceful Ageing” funded by STW/NWO grant in the Research Through Design call

A collaboration between industrial design, computer science, social sciences and industry partners (Philips Design), "Resourceful Ageing" introduces non-humans in the RtD [...]


“Things2Things” workshops explore the changing role of design in the Internet of Things landscape

What can machine learning, crypto currencies, material traces and unaware or sensible objects do for designers? Funded by Design United, four workshops [...]


“Keep Your Shirt On!” increases body awareness through wearable technology

The recently completed design innovation project Keep Your Shirt On!, funded by an NWO grant, investigates how body awareness can [...]