Meedoen=Groeien! investigates how children with cancer and their families can be empowered through the design of thoughtful technological artefacts. PhD candidate Boudewijn focuses on how hospitalisation discourages children to play. He developed ‘Stickz’ to stimulate children’s imagination and ‘Fizzy’ the robotic ball to invite children to explore the hospital. PhD candidate Patrizia D’Olivo is researching how cancer diagnosis and treatment can disrupt normal family-life. To empower families, Patrizia designed ‘AscoltaMe’ to trigger conversations between family members and designed ‘Mr.V’ to provide families with joyful moments.

Come see these designs from 22 – 30 October at Mind the Step in the ‘Klokgebouw’, Strijp-S, Eindhoven!
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Meedoen=Groeien! is a collaboration among the Dutch Rehabilitation Fund, Princess Máxima Center for pediatric oncology, and Delft University of Technology. The Dutch Friends Lottery finances this project.