Come and turn your feedback into paper airplanes! Will make your ideas fly, literally.

On the occasion of its final event at Drive 2016, a limited edition of the Things2Things book will be distributed to the Drive attendees and part of it folded into paper airplanes to spark discussion. Created by UK-based designer Sigrid Schmeisser, this book has been purposely designed to deconstruct the experimental tools, prototypes and insights generated during the Things2Things workshops, and to invite the audience to reconstruct their value and implications for their own practice or business.

Things2Things was a one-year-long project of the 3TU Industrial Design programs in the Netherlands. The project brought together a community of almost 50 professional designers and design researchers to explore the role of design thinking in creativity and innovation within the field of the Internet of Things.

The event will see the participation of academics from TUD, TU/e and Twente, Design United visiting professors and fellows, and industry representatives (including Philips Design, Deloitte and Liberty Global).

More info on program and participants:
Things2Things website:

Where: Dutch Design Week, DRIVE Design Research and Innovation Festival, Natlab Eindhoven, October 26th, 13:30 – 16:00 (Auditorium)