We will be represented at three panels at Click NL’s DRIVE Design Research and Innovation Festival at Dutch Design Week.

First, on 21st of October CEL lab members Marco Rozendaal, Boudewijn Boon,  and Patrizia D’Olivo will be speaking at the panel on Design Innovation in Healthcare from 13:00-14:00. They will also be speaking with Panos Markopoulos of TU/e, and Anika Siepel of UTwente.

Design innovations can take on many forms in the world of healthcare. They can be used to empower patients in healthcare, to design environments that support the healing process, and to make healthcare providers more effective in their work. In this session, we present a number of healthcare-related design research projects that sketch out the design possibilities of our future healthcare systems.


Also on the 21st 21st of October CEL lab members Marco Rozendaal, and Elisa Giaccardi will be speaking on the panel “Things to Things: Where are the Connections?” from 16:00 – 17:00. They will be speaking with Ron Wakkary, Chris Speed, Jelle Stienstra, Lorna Goulden, and Lin-Lin Chen.

Our ‘everyday’ is becoming increasingly connected. How can we design meaningfully and responsibly in a connected world? Rather than looking at the Internet of Things merely in terms of efficiency or profit, this session explores, using examples, how we can be sensitive to how products fit into our lives and society at large, and how to bring this to bear on how connected products are designed and valued. The session is the launch of a series of IoT design workshops across the 3 TUs.


Later, on 22nd of October CEL lab members Elisa Giaccardi and Holly Robbins will speak at the panel Smart Meets Circular from 13:00-14:00. Also at this panel will be Chris Speed of University of Edinburgh, Will Odom of Simon Fraser University, Kristi Kuusk of TU/e, Marcel Schouweneer of The Incredible Machine, and Conny Bakker of TU Delft.

As smart objects enter our homes, their ability to pass data about their condition, whereabouts and associations with people, provides information for designers to think about how artefacts can adapt and continue to generate value in the long term. Through a series of lightning presentations, this session reveals how designers can develop ways of adding different forms of value to artefacts that challenge concepts of time, waste, sharing and ownership. These innovative approaches provide clues to the methods that design may need as society moves toward a Circular Economy.