Come join us at Dutch Design Week for an exhibition that features work illustrating how the Internet of Things can be done “right.” When our products start sharing data and talking to each other, they can better understand how we live, and can make our everyday lives better and the world a little bit more beautiful.

But, the Internet of Things can also be tricky. Will the IoT be a tool for companies to analyze people’s personal lives? Can connected products spy on us? Can I still understand what is going on in my own home?¬†And will my connected products break down with the first software update?

In this exhibit, we explain what the IoT is and show where designers have made good decisions about what the IoT can be. It explores how we want the IoT to take shape, and questions whether the fridge should know your birthday.

The Connected Everyday Lab was a partner in developing this exhibition.

You can find the exhibit on the 9th floor of the Veemgebouw open from 11:00-18:00. Read more about it here.