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In this project we analyzed a case of designing for persuasive experiences. It concerned designing for the complex persuasive situation of helping parents of hospitalized children take better care of themselves. The focus was on the experiences, on how these were designed to be persuasive, and on the design process needed to achieve that. We concluded that designing for complex persuasive experiences requires a design approach that allows for designers to gradually develop a rich understanding of the situation and develop empathy for the people they design for. We found that the persuasion should focus on a combination of starting a new practice, sustaining it, starting activities within the practice, and extending the duration of the activities. For such a complex persuasive situation a rich palette of experiences was needed. The design of those experiences was inspired by universal human needs and by gaining a deep and empathetic understanding of the situation.

Graduation Project: Josje van Beusekom

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Institutional collaborators: Princess Maxima Hospital

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