Museon’s mission is to holistically educate the broad public on the relationship between nature and culture, specifically targeted to families with children and school groups. In light of renewal plans, Museon sought external input on ways to improve their permanent exhibition. The project included an extensive research about Museon and its visitors as well as the design of a concept for the new exhibition and recommendations for the museum. It was observed that the majority of families visiting the museum have younger children than the museum currently targets (children aged 3-12 instead of 8-14) and that the intellectual needs of this younger target group are barely considered, often resulting in disruptions to family communication. A concept proposal was designed for the food exhibition, in which different information levels were created to trigger learning and communication across all family members. A deliberate effort was made to include the needs of young children (aged 3-5) in the learning interaction, in order to promote active family communication. The proposal consisted of cubes with different sides addressing different members of the family. An interactive display was added to the proposal, after and as a result of testing the proposal in the museum.

Graduation Project: Sophie Crull

Affiliates / Collaborators

Henri Christiaans, Judith Aartsen (Museon)

Institutional collaborators: Museon

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