Things to Things: Where are the Connections


Things to Things is the first series of design workshops organized by the Connected Everyday Lab in collaboration with Design United.  Our everyday is increasingly connected. How can we design meaningfully and responsibly in a connected world? Rather than looking at the Internet of Things merely in terms of efficiency or profit, this series of design workshops explores how we can be sensitive to how products fit into our lives and society at large, and how to bring those considerations to bear on how connected products are designed and valued. 

Outreach / Activity

Workshops (coming in 2016):

  1. Im/materials (Holly Robbins, Elvin Karana, Elisa Giaccardi / TU Delft)
  2. Predictive materialities (Chris Speed, Jan Willem Hoftijzer, Elisa Giaccardi / TU Delft)
  3. Material speculations (Ron Wakkary, Lenneke Kuijer / TUe)
  4. Objects with intent (Marco Rozendaal, Jelle Stienstra, Geke Ludden / UTwente)

Affiliates / Collaborators

Coordinators: Elisa Giaccardi, Chris Speed, Koen Schellekens

Collaborators: Ron Wakkary, etc.

Involved Members