Boudewijn Boon

Boudewijn Boon

Ph.D. Candidate

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Boudewijn Boon is a PhD candidate within the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering at the Delft University of Technology. Besides the Connected Everyday Lab, he is a member of the Delft Institute of Positive Design. He is interested in how design can help people shape their ways of living. With a background in industrial design and sustainable development, his previous work focused on designing for people’s sustainable ways of living. In his current PhD research he focuses on young children with cancer and how to stimulate them to engage in physical play during hospitalization. Using a ‘research through design’ approach, he is developing concepts for children’s physical play, viewing children’s environments as potential ‘playscapes’. Through multiple design research iterations, designs are introduced into real life hospital settings with the aim to evaluate these designs and gain insights on children’s physical play.