Elisa Giaccardi

Elisa Giaccardi


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Elisa Giaccardi is Chair of Interactive Media Design at Delft University of Technology, Department of Industrial Design, where she leads the Connected Everyday Lab. She is one of the recipients of the TU Delft Technology Fellowship for top female scientists, and a speaker at TEDx on the Internet of Things. With an interdisciplinary background in both humanities and computing, she is currently focusing her research on thing­centred design, a novel design approach that looks at artifacts as co­performers of practice, and thus as potential co-ethnographers and co­designers in practice­oriented research methods, design processes, and material strategies. Application domains include heritage (Unlocking People), healthcare (Care for our Health) and sustainability (Let’s REdUCE). Her design research (from her pioneering work in metadesign to social media to the Internet of Things) reflects a persistent concern with design as a shared process of cultivation and management of opportunity spaces.